Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Sunday at the Leeds Night Owls

Not been to the Leeds Night Owls in a while but decided to go down last Sunday and play a game of Infinity. The plan was to do another battler report but my camera skills leave something to be desired so most photos were not usable. Anyhow I managed to get a few good snaps and also got a few pics of some other games when we took a break for lunch. I played 300pt on the Beacons field mission from ITS. Probably for the best this was not a battle report as my Nomads had somewhat of a convincing win. No fault of my own mind you I had to roll 7 amour saves all game and passed 6 and was getting crits left right and center, also I got best table side with two rooftops overlooking the center line objective so had HMG on one roof and an Intruder with multi sniper and msvLv2 + xVisor smashing heads through all the smoke Ariadna had. I think we need a re match in a few weeks when I can next get down for a rematch of skill not dice rolls . . . . . .

The forces we started with. . . . .so . . .many . . .Ariadna.
This was half the Ari side, look at that order pool it makes me sick! 9 models just in this pic and two also hiding in the building :(
I went for a pretty conservative set up covering all flanks and back routs as I have only played Ari one time so had no idea what to expect.
Who goes there!?
Turn one losses for Ariadna . . . and I mean first player turn. Every model here was taken out in ARO ( sorry Colin! ) all by the Intruder with sniper, accept the spetsnaz he got critted in the face by a Wildcat with Spitfire while shooting at the Intruder, who ended up passing both saves he was made to take. To be fair we both rolled something rotten I had to beat constant rolls of 2 and 3 :(
"One bargain buckets, and an extra diet futuristic space Coke please"
About 3mm out of taking a mine to the torso. . .  I should be ready for that all things considering :)
Standing guard and good thing as Russian Special Forces are lurking about.
Wooden spoon award goes to these guys. That Cateran lost the sniper battle and that Alguacile was only painted the day before and never been used. Should teach me for taking a hacker against a force who doesn't know what a computer is. 
That scout worked his way forward and took out my hacker, and this Intruder did some serious gunishment taking out pretty much half the force in turn one. I will definitely be putting him in my list first when I have my next game.

 A few of the other games being played at the club

I rate how much space this game takes up.

I've not played 40k in a while but Dreadnoughts now have a serious arsenal stuck to them.
My favorite load out for a Dreadnaught.

"hmmmmm 5xD6 extra attacks on the charge does not seem right mate"

This War boss needs no backup.

Those Forge World models on the left were awesome, not seen them up close before
This game requires you to have a "camp" as a base. Not sure this is the kind of camp I would be supporting, they seem mean.
Seriously outnumbered, But who cares when you're an Ogre right?
Someone came close to loosing a HQ by the looks of it.

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