Thursday, 10 September 2015

Leeds night Owls

Managing to get way more games in now, and that's definitely  a good thing as I have now signed up to not one but two tournaments  in November. After playing a 300pt game of  Transmission Matrix it has become rather apparent I still have a lot to learn about Infinity. For instance don't put your one and only hacker in the zone of control of a beacon that counts as a repeater. After using my Pan O for the past few months I decided to bust out the Nomads, still learning what most of the hacking programs do as I don't use hackers very often ( even though I have lots of them ). Few other games being played at the club, 40k is not much on my radar these days but still good to see its not dead and people are still rolling dice for the emperor and all his eternal glory. There were also some awesome dudes rocking out Hero Quest! with some thoroughly sickeningly well painted miniatures, some x wing and of course some historical gaming ( have to excuse me i am not that clue up on any of the historical systems ).

Proof fog of war is real.
Sneaky sneaky commando though it could get the better of my Reverend Costodier

This unit is an auto include for all my Pan O lists.

Sneaky nomad trickery!

These Chasseurs were a complete thorn in my side the entire game.

Trying so hard to capture that beacon.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Northern Open.

Northern Open 

A little late but better than nothing I guess. Some pics I managed to take from the last Northern open run buy the guys at Leeds Night Owls. I would highly recommend checking one of these events out, next one is on the 21.11.2015 so get on it! standard plethora of awesome and very varied tables and lots of shiny and well painted forces to ogle at all day. I managed to come around the middle of the table using basically the exact same force I used for the previous tournament I attended in Birmingham Warzone. I did manage to get a perfect game and not loose a model again a Aleph force. Had nothing to do with tactics the guy took a Marut tag and I was extremely lucky with two Croc men. Sniper with its DA took two wounds off and the other managed a crit with a combi rifle. After that I had a Swiss guard just run about pretty much unchallenged with a HMG. Lots of prizes given out ( I totally spammed the raffle and won a crud tonne of bases ) but alas I was no where near to getting the nice shiny silver plate for 1st place . . . . not that I wanted it or anything. Only down side to the day was I didn't have enough time to take as many photos as I wanted but that cant be helped if you are playing long games that don't finish within 40 minutes of rapid ass kicking.