Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Pan O line troops, more than just order monkeys.

Here are a few pics of some of my Line troops. I have most painted now but still a short way to go. I had a break from Pan Oceania recently and thought I would try and finally get my Nomads done as I can somehow manage to smash a model out in a few hours. Anyway below are a few pics and thoughts on what I have got painted so far.

The Cru so far
As with most lists we all have a few order monkeys or cheer leaders, and as such I have two basic line troops with basic combi rifles. Unlike my nomad lists where I have a lot of basic guys then two or three heavy hitters my Pan O lists usually have a lot of specialist troops as they have so much tec to play with.

Not much to say about these guys, pretty basic stat line but do boast a +1 to BS over most other line troops profiles. They do suffer slightly with a -1 wip, to much relying on pure firepower and tec can have its down sides, but having units like cutters back you up will probably do that to you so fair enough. 

Auxilia, personally I love these guys and are an auto include for me in every game. they do suffer a slightly lesser BS but come with a free aux with a massive flame thrower to boot. At only 4pts more than a Fusilier these guys rock And for an extra 2pts can also be a FO getting you those crucial objective grabbers you need and at no SWC it's a bargain. These guys can be left back as bodyguards for your snipers, hackers and Lieutenant giving a hard counter to those pesky units that drop behind and cause havoc. Or can be left half way up the table just out of sight of an objective making them rather hard to catch and make people seriously change tactics when they try to advance. 

Another line troop, nothing special but getting a Grenade launcher on the board for 14pts cant be bad am I right? perfect if you have a few orders to waste and someone is hiding in a pain in the ass position.

Ahhh I love this little guy, the order sergeant. I do own the box set of three but don't play the relevant secretarial so can only take one. Not mush to rave about on the stat line but they do have the religious special rule. Being able to stand in the face of death and not give a flying monkeys is a good thing in a game all about the guns . . . . well most of the time, not so much when you need your unit alive then he decideds to be filled with the glory of god and just stands on the spot like a mug waiting to get shot at again. Anyway the beauty in these guys is they have an immense selection of war gear. They can be left bog standard at 13pts or can be upgraded to have FO, TO camo and infiltration! weapon upgrades include spitfires and sniper rifles. all in all a diverse unit well worth taking.

And lastly the trauma doc, she comes in a box with an engineer who personally I think is a bonk model, looks like some futuristic Quasimodo. Any how I like this model It does have a unique pose but I haven't decided if shes screaming out for help and more medical tools or is begging for mercy on the floor as it seems like someone should be towering over her waiting to deliver the final blow . . . Ariadna 112 emergency service doctor perhaps? Pretty basic stat line the same as Fusilier but for 4pts extra can heal and grab objectives so not bad all in all. Plus she has somehow managed to get her hands, or should I says hand on a goa'uld hand device from Stargate so that's a bonus in my eyes.

Below are a few extra pics of my models I have painted so far enjoy :)

Not a line troop I know but I painted this ORC trooper after i made my last post about HI in Pan O so suuuush.

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