Friday, 6 March 2015

Played a 250pt game last night at one of the local gaming clubs so thought I would do a sort of battle report but only posting the highlights of the mission. We played a game that involved grabbing 3 objectives in the middle of the table and turning them on with a standard wip roll. At the end of each game turn who ever had the most bots powered up got points, and that's good as we all know points win prizes. 2pts for the most in your possession or 1pt each if it was equal. I was fielding my sneaky sneaky Nomad force while my opponent Kaylee was fielding her Pan Oceania force that had boosted its ranks with some of my minis to bump up the points.

  I needed to proxy a few models as I said I would mainly use the units that are in the Icestorm as Kaylee is pretty new to Infinity. Not to much sneakiness a few camo markers and a few mines were on the menu but other than that everything was pretty much bog standard. The main Idea was to plonk the Tsyklon on a roof top then send the Wildcat forward laying down some serious gunishment while the Spekter and Zero locked down the objectives with mines and ARO's boosted with camo.

As I just mentioned my opponent was pretty new to Infinity so I made her list using the Icestorm minis but also fitted in a few extra toys. I added a Palbot and an Auxbot so she could use two different types of Synchronization, as it turns out that little Palbot became a bit of a pain in the arse. I didn't know what Mini was going to be the Lieutenant but I did advise it needed to be one of the Fusiliers of the Orc troop as they cost no extra points to upgrade. 

Both our forces before the battle, the bases with nothing on them are used as camo markers, two of them have pink edges to represent TO.

Game set up: Kayle took the other side after I went bust on Lieutenants roll, I thought she would have chosen my side as it had the largest tower on the left but that was way to much trouble to move around. The Neisses still set up on a roof with cover instead of the tall building and it proved to be a winning play. the Auxilia and Spec Sergeant set up behind the building ready to jump out and grab objective 3. I had a pretty standard set up with my Zero and Spekter half way up the board to lock down objectives with mines. I put the healer on the right so she could protect the Brigada and Spekter but this game didn't see a single order go into my Heavy Infantry. I put my Lieutenant on the roof prone facing the hatch,making it completely obvious who he was. I had one Alguacil on the left facing the back board giving complete cover as I knew there was a Commando waiting in the sky with a bloody Spitfire. If she wanted my commander dead she would have to work for it.

A few shots before the battle.

 Turn one I choose to go second for two reasons, Kaylee had set up a lot in the open ( her second game remember ) and In my arrogance didn't want to just wipe out half her order pool before she got a go. And secondly so I could react better to objectives and snatch them up in the second game turn. This however was a really dumb mistake because her Neisses took one look at my Grenzer and blasted his head clean off without a second thought with one roll in the first order. I had stupidly set him up in not the best of positions and now I had to contend with a sniper at good range with a lv2 visor and mimetism that would completely negate my Zero and Spekter and I was planning on them doing most of the work this game.

Next the Auxilia moved up to the objective with the plans of setting my Spekter on fire and showing him what for, but I managed to get a lucky shot and took him out rendering the Auxbot useless for the time being.Considering its my most recently painted model it was doomed to die quick anyway. And Yes that's not a Remote as an objective but we can just pretend its some sort of laborer bot or something yeah. . . . . not a pleasure bot . . . .Definitely not.
In my first turn it was pretty uneventful I pumped half my order pool into my Wildcat with his spitfire. He pushed forward and took a burst at the Neisses and got twatted in the face but luckly managed to be protected by his mighty 2 amour! after a second of thought he did not try that again so took his frustration out on the Orc trooper staring him down. I pumped 3 orders into him as he shot back but managed to make him fall on the spot. Even though it took 12 dice to do so I was pretty chuffed. I then tried to lay a mine with my Zero to cover Objective 1 but the Neisses took one look through his camo and slayed him outright ( see a theme forming with this Nisses ). Jokes on Pan O though as this mine proved to be a lot of trouble as you could not get to the objective with it being there.

See that zero. No? Well me neither because shes dead alright!

Turn two was a slow push forward from Pan O, The little medbot managed to revive an Orc trooper and the father knight ( who was felled by my remote with spitfire ). He did however manage to kill the Auxilia so I no longer had to worry about and large flamer templates heading my way from the Auxbot. A little worried that the enemy had managed to revive about 70pts worth of Heavy Infantry back, I Managed to sneak forward with my healer and turn on the se . . I mean worker bot that was being guarded by the now redundant Auxbot. This was pretty close as it was done in the second half of my last order! I did have to get the Spekter to push forward first however, and make a rather brave Fusilier think about his decisions as he was watching the objective like a hawk out a first story window nearby. 
Events in turn two.
Kaylees response to my objective grabbing in turn 2 was to drop her Commando down with his Spitfire. In my rush to grab some points I had left a lot of open spaces for him to drop down completely unopposed and start raining down hell behind my lines. Kaylee found a sweet spot right near my objectives but with my Spekter just out of sight behind some trees and with my healers back turned. As you can imagine It did not go well for me and I lost my last surviving specialist. All I could do now was guard this objective and try lock down the others with ARO's this did not seem to hard as a lot of them were out in the open so I could just hunker down and wait. But first I had to deal with the Sikh Commando who was being covered by The Neisses and he hunkered down in between two water towers. And that had me at a serious disadvantage.

With not that many orders left Kaylees forces all pushed forward, she had a Trauma Doc on the left hand side of the board who pushed forward to later get objective one when it was clear of mines.

Turn 3 was pretty entertaining especially for my Spitfire wielding Wildcat he managed to get 3 kills! Poking his head around a corner he pummeled more shots in to Orc trooper who had recently been pulled back from the light at the end of the tunnel and killed him outright. Then he stuck his head around again and pumped two orders worth of bullets into the Neisses. The odds were against me but weight of dice prevailed and I managed to finally get rid of the Nisses menace. Then I had to re kill the Father knight who has a mighty 5 amour! but he went to ground after loosing the first shoot out so proved no threat for the moment. Now I could deal with that commando. He had only got one kill but was a serious threat and something had to be done before he cleared me out.

 Next was a pretty entertaining moment I had to move forward to get close range but it was Spitfire against Spitfire with the same bs but 4 v 1 dice sounded good to me. I won the first few shootouts and the Sikh Commando kept surviving and dodging out the way. This moment really needed some Benny Hill music. Eventually I managed to get 4 hits and he finally died.

In the final turn the Pan Oceinan forces tried to grab some objectives, but ran out of orders just short. With nothing left to do as I had managed to get 6pts I decided to run my Spekter forward and assault the Spec Sergeant. The Sergeant fluffed his attacked and the Spekter sank his blade into him and that was that. We called it a game after that.

Remaining forces at the end game.
Man of the match for both sides.
And the wooden spoon award goes to these guys who both died as soon as a strong breeze came along.
Below are few of the other games being played at the Headingly Games Club last Thursday.

I'm assuming there is some rule that requires you to stroke your chin to play this game.
Think someone rolled a 1 in pathfinder.

I'm not sure who won this game but someone looks a little perplexed.

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