Friday, 22 April 2016

Salute 2016

"No Infinity this week" I hear you say. Well yes that's true but I have one arguably better, A big ol' trip to Salute. For those of you who don't know its the big gaming event held every year in London at the ExCel centre. This event is probably my most looked forward to event going, even more so than Christmas! Basically a massive hall with many many traders and demo games running all sorts of games. Space battle games, skirmish games, mass army games, few role play games, sci-fi games, fantasy games and so on. I was good this year (really good) and only spent about £70). I managed to find a shop that was giving away the cheapest Infinity product for free when you bought 4 things. They also had a bunch of the 10th anniversary Achilles. I went halves with someone and they got the rule book and Janissary box and I got the Morat sectorial and Achilles box all for £100. The only other things I bought were a few bits of scatter terrain for less than a tenner. So in comparison to other years I was a very very good boy! Not much else to ramble on about, fun was had by all and I am already waiting for next year.

This scenery was part of a big table that went with the past two photos. It had a dungeon under a big snowy mountain.

This was a large Mad Max participation game that was running all day. Little bigger scale than normal but a lot of work went into each vehicle. They were all hand made form different kits.
When we came back a few hours later it was all kicking off!

This looks like my gaming table at home . . . sort of.

Now here is a man who loves his job.
Not my thing anymore but still have love for Games Workshop models. Wouldn't be the same with out any.
No idea what this is but it look cool. Like so many things on the day.
I wonder what awesome game this is from?

This was just a huge display board full of Vietnam stuff.
This guy is here every year marauding around like he owns the place. What a champion.
From what I could tell this game only needed a hand full of models on each side. When I first started war gaming I was keen on the big armies clashing with each other. But now I am preferring having only a few models each side and having to think about each action and movement.


Having played Halo many times I had no idea of the scale between some of the ships. Better play them all again I guess now I understand.

Just popping down the pound shop before I fend of the Nazis.
Someone had made a Minions game to keep the younglings entertained. 
That's some Oldhammer style painting right there. 
That Centaur looks like he is in serious distress

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