Monday, 23 March 2015

Leeds Colectorabila

I don't know how but this event nearly slipped by without me even hearing about it but someone mentioned they were selling stuff on the day so I went and toddled along to check it out. Was a small event but defiantly worth checking out for a couple of quid. I did that thing again where I go promising myself I wont spend any money knowing full well its a crock of shit but I did manage to spend less than a tenner. Considerably better than the Game fair where I somehow dropped £50 on Dream cast games oops. Anyway I managed to get a few god shots of some of the wares and event.

Star wars is not really my thing I don't get all the hype ( queue gasp from every nerd on the planet ) but there was lots going around and I can respect that.

This guy was selling these awesome prints from old games, I had my eye on an old skool Final Fantasy 1 print but it didn't sit in the frame properly and a tiny bit was cut of the bottom of the writing and it really bugged me so I had to go without :( you can just about make out an old legend of Zelda print on the right.

As I mentioned it was a small event this was about 2/3 of the entire space. You could walk around in about 40 minutes to check everything out. This guy on the left was pretty jokes. He was trying to sell plushies from that box on the left like he was selling fruit on the market " 3 pounds for small 5 pounds for large, camon only one box left!"

I want these when I get a house, accept the Bowie one it creeps me out a little just thinking of him in that film with his tight tight trousers on *shudders*

These girls usually attend the games fairs, and they have some pretty cool stuff to peddle I might add, they made all the pillows.

Not that I minded but this was a random stall that sold completely random bits of Lego. I ended up buying loads of Lego Technic tires to turn into infinity scenery.

These things seem to be pretty popular at the moment.

Saw this kid a bunch of times bumping into people/things, Never seen someone so happy to have a helmet on.

Now i'm not MLG but I am pretty sure that guy would do better if he used more than one hand.

I remember playing these games the first time around when I was that small.

Lots of PS1 games for sale.
I mean Loads of PS1 games seriously.

Kaylee flogging a bunch of Transformers.

Standard Vader and some of his cronies you see at these types of events. I wonder who decided they are going to be Vader that week, do they take it in turns or do they have some sort of short straw system. I do admit this suit was better than any others I had seen in the past as it had the voice box inside so he looked and sounded the part when he spoke. These guys must have got bored at some point as later on in the day they were walking up and down the Leeds High street collecting for charity #sithlads

Was a guy who had a business making consoles look boss.

Random clocks

And this was the stuff I bough from the Lego stall that will soon have a home on my gaming board. more to come on that one later.

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