Friday, 26 February 2016

Northern Open 2016

The Northern Open was on last week. I'm not sure if it counted towards this seasons ITS, so I am just going to assume it was. I managed to come seventh out of 21 players (so I can at least claim that I was in the top 30%!). 

I took my French again for three reasons:

 1. They have won me two tournaments in the past season;
2. They are fully painted and I have been playing way too many video games recently so not got much painting done (I blame Borderlands);

3. I am a boring bastard.

My First game was Front Line against Greg Warwick who runs We had practiced a different mission the night before at my house and I did that thing where you show absolutely no restraint so I smashed the crap out of his force, who then went into retreat but he still had one turn and managed to grab the objectives. So this time I was a little more careful. I took a buttload of skirmishers and put them all prone on a roof in the middle of the table. The rest of my force hid prone in the bins so he didn't really have much to shoot at. But the ace up my sleeve in this mission was my two commandos who walked on in the last turn and took the furthest zone I needed to be in. I didn't lose a single model so actually had 340 army points on the table at the end due to baggage so that was a nice moral victory (sorry Greg).

Game two was Beacon Land. I was matched up against my old nemesis Nigel King who I have played three times in the past at previous events. At the last Northern Open I asked to play him in the first round as a grudge match as he beat me in the last game we played (and I needed to defend my honor!). I won't go into too many details but let's just say I could have done with bringing some KY Jelly for that match. I got completely destroyed... it was embarrassing! Nigel set up really well and had his Moran Masai using his Koalas to full effect locking down most of the board, and His Pi Well remote was pretty much impossible to dislodge when it was on suppression and in cover with ODD. That brought our games to two all. (Next event I will beat him for sure.)

My third game was against one of the lads from Bolton (sorry mate for not remembering your name). We played highly classified. It was one of those games that just happened to go my way. My opponent had set up his Bulleteer, engineer and and Hospitaller behind cover nice and bunched up. To my luck my Briscard with heavy rocket launcher could only see the engineer who was facing away from him! Two shots went into him and hit everything around killing the remote and the engineer. Then I noticed he had one line troop hidden way at the back who was a complete lieutenant obvious. Ir was really really far away from my force but playing the style I do I easily had enough orders to hunt her down. With a few orders pumped into one of my Chasseurs I snuck into position and opened fire taking her out with one shot. After that my Loup Garous went to town doing as much damage as I could then tried to clean up the missions with my Alguacil Hacker. I feel bad for bitching about him in a previous entry as he got me 4VPs in this game.

All in all a good day. I didn't do too bad and I managed to get second place in the raffle so nabbed myself a Saladin. Nice model and isn't carrying a gun so probably going to use him as a Scientist HVT for the D20 missions. Thanks to everyone who put on the event and people that donated tables and a big shout out to people who let me take pics of their models for us all to look at.

Hiding in a bin was 100% what these guys signed up for at the Ariadna recruitment centre.

I played on this table for my 1st and 3rd game and it was awesome. Really helped putting all my sneaky units on the roof and making Greg waste orders getting close.
All the interiors of the buildings had things in them and it really felt like a table that told a story instead of numerous empty buildings. here you can see the wild Moblot in its natural environment that is the server room.

That's how you play a link team. Hide them at the back all prone.

The only redeeming play I managed to pull off in my game against Nigel was getting my Metro to pass his inferior infiltration roll. Having never played French he had no idea what it was and it put him on edge a little. Well so much so that he had to hard counter with his Pupniks. It was rather satisfying to see his face when he managed to reveal the camo and asked what it was, only to find out it was a crappy line troop with a rifle. "HA JOKES ON YOU NIGEL!" . . . right before you wipe the floor with me.

I am no expert but those Loup Garous seem to be in a spot of bother.

"1.20 SPACE COINS FOR A CAN OF POP! . . . bloody rip of this thing"

That camo marker on the left was my Chasseur hunting his LT.

That HVT was a popular lady.

Luckiest scatter ever.

This Zero is the model that made me want to start playing infinity, he just looks so sneaky and nefarious. 
Don't worry, that JSA line troop was a HVT. He is not about top get blown away.

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