Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Space ORCs, Infinity style.

As you may have guess from one of my past blogs i'm a big fan of the Pan O Heavy Infantry and as a result have way more than I can use in any one game. However this did not stop me from managing to convert and paint up 3 ORC troops. As far as Heavy Infantry go they are nothing to rave about. Pretty basic stat line similar to most factions equivalent, boasting nice BS and above average amour. These guys come with the standard options you might imagine, HMG, Hacker and Lieutenant etc. Its not often I will use all three in a game as it chews up a fair amount of points and does not leave enough left over to squeeze in many other toys. I like the image of three of the same elite unit traveling around as a small squad where ever they are needed in the Pan Oceanian empire. Reminded me of the Colonial marines in Aliens or the "Rapid Response Tactical Squad" in the Doom film ( another classic example of a game made into a film that will forever be remembered in history's halls of fame ) lead by the almighty Dwayne Johnson. I wanted to have enough versatility in the models to field them as what ever I wanted and have them look the part. As good as Infinity is it still lacks a lot of models for the profiles provided but I think it worked out alright in the end.

The one holding the HMG is just compensating for his short man syndrome
"Got your back bro"
 I originally picked up a bunch of Pan O of a mate who was getting rid of them cheap but with the catch of some parts "might" be missing. But considering they were all in a box and the guy never played the game or stuck them together I was not that bothered and took the risk ( Might I mention I had only played about 2 games with my Nomads and didn't really know what was going on half the time) . Everything was pretty much as you would expect it but the original ORC with a multi rifle was missing . . . well, his Multi rifle. I considered sending corvus Belli a message claiming that I bought it form them and it had an arm missing. But for some reason my moral compass kicked in and I decided not to be a dick and instead to sacrifice the arm of a Sikh Commando. I always thought giving one of them a HMG was a waste of points anyway as every time someone uses one they die within a turn, for some reason people don't seem to like it when an enemy model drops behind them and blows half the order pool away. As a result I got a slightly unique miniature, standing in a some what of a "come at me bro" pose and ready for action.

The second ORC I put together was the Female with a Shotgun, I chopped off a few bits to make it look less clunky and more stream lined, then added a box feed for the ammo that I Got from Anvil Industries, the same place I got the HMG weapon upgrades. I think the Box makes the gun look like it has way more of a punch and adds a little uniqueness to the miniature. I like this pose a lot even though its quite static but considering the model is clad in amour. Why would you not fire a shot gun from the hip, bullets feebly bouncing of you as you lay waste a room out the back of a bar full of information dealers?

Lastly I got this hench guy from the Icestorm set. This gem will probably get used the most as I can take him as either a Lieutenant, Hacker or standard ORC with a Multi Rifle. I decided to put the blue screen of death as his hacking prop because I found it amusing in my head that a unit would be shut down in the middle of a battle as this guy hides behind a wall winding him up and shutting him or her down constantly with his hacking device and making them rage out. In comparison to the other ORC troops this guy looks way beefier. Not unexpected considering he is a way more recent sculpt and Corvus Belli have been up-scaling all the models. About time, when you look at the original Brigada and the new one that comes in the Icestrom box you can see how far they have come and how much quality they have improved on over the past 9 years.

A few shots of the team together.

Totally forgot to add this to my last blog at the Leeds Night Owls.

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