Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Randy Marsh Cosplay

Went to Comic Con 2015 in London to rock out my first attempt at cosplay and had an awesome day, met loads of great like minded people, took lots of photos and generally had an awesome time. The costume did not really take that long to make and went down a treat, my favorite pic of the day is either me with the two officers or the one giving the Halo spartan a good old fashioned tea bagging whilst brandishing an energy sword FIRST BLOOD! Anyway here is a quick how to and some of my favorite pics from the day out.

 1. Get the supplies you need, another hobby craft spesh. all the card only came to about £13 so really nothing that will break the bank. I made sure I got card that had colour going all the way through it so there was not white lines showing up on the side of the mask.
 2. To make the best circle I could I fashioned a scalpel to a bit of string and used it as a make shift campus type tool.
 3. I cant exactly show how it works as I don't have another arm but I firmly put my thumb in the middle of the face I was going to cut then pulled the string tight. Then gently scored the card in a circular shape. I didn't cut to deep as this was just a guide line for cutting out after.
 4. This was probably the longest part of the entire project, I had to sit down and cut out the entire shape with a tiny scalpel as scissors we to cumbersome and started to bend the main face shape up. When this was done I did the same over the black card but a slightly larger circle for the hair to be layered over the top.
 5. When I had the basic hair shape I cut it into a slightly less geometric shape to look like Randy Marsh
 6. Using random heavy stuff I used PVA glue and let it dry for a few hours. It need to be kept flat as PVA can sometimes make stuff bend and once that happens there is no going back.
 7. Starting to take shape now.
 8. Next I cut out each piece of the face by itself, this did not take very long at all. I thought I was going to have issues getting the eyes to look the same but it turned out alright first try.
 9. Next I got them glued together ready to be stuck to the head.

10. Last step for the face was sticking the eyes, mouth and eyebrows on. Then with a Sharpie draw on the pupils, chin and nose. I gave him red eye as well with a red Biro.

11. on the back I simply stuck down a couple of strips of card with some elastic reel tied in a knot. I tied it to tight at first and it made the mask bend so it was quite loose on the day and flopped around a but but that's better than destroying the costume.
12. The balls were made form a bean bag that was stitched down the middle to separate each nut.  I originally had this filled with bean bag beans but they did not fill out the sac enough and dragged on the ground to much and I did not want to get it dirty or break apart so I used two giant beach balls cheaply bought from Amazon.

13. When the beach balls were inflated the took the shape of the sack. You cant see it in any pictures but I had to line the inside of the balls with sheets of A4 paper as the beach balls were brightly coloured and you could see the stripes through them.
14. There was some chord around the top that I tied into a loop, to wear the sack I put this through the zip in my trousers and looped it around my neck under my shirt.

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