Monday, 18 January 2016

Yorkshire Renegades this Sunday.

Dragged myself all the way to meet the guys at Yorkshire Renegades as once a month they put on a day of gaming in a local hall. Good day of gaming was had by all, not a tournament as such as we only got two games in and the ITS season is over for the moment. First game I played was against a guy who said he had played about two games so I did not bring out the true gunishment that 19 orders of french can give but I think we both still had fun. Second game played was annihilation. It was one of those unfortunate match ups, my opponent had a 9 order list of Combine that has a Charontid in it. Never played against one before but just looking at the rules and stats intimidate me . . .a lot, it took about 4 orders of shooting at with a full 5 man link of Loup Garous but he eventually he went down. Unfortunately for him I reduced his order pool to 7 then just hid like the coward that I am. In my first turn I brought on a commando with HMG who took out 4 of 5 guys in one turn and that was pretty much all she wrote. Anyway much love and credit to everyone who let me take pics of the painted minis they brought along, enjoy. 

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  1. Cool pictures, some really well painted models and nice tables! Where do the Yorkshire Renegades meet?