Thursday, 24 December 2015

400pt Mighty infinity tournament at Sanctuary games.
So I attended a rather large 400pt tournament at Sanctuary games down in Sutton-in-Ashfield near Nottingham. I am not going to rant on to much as I rather prefer to  focus on photographs in my blog so I will break it down into two sections. 

First off let me talk about the gaming center itself. I can honestly say its one of the coolest gaming clubs I have ever seen. Based in an old church it boasts lots ( and I mean lots ) of space and even a pulpit where I got some great shots of my mate Pete Preaching the glorious word of N3. It had a shop area, large gaming hall, snack bar where people were playing card games, another gaming area situated above where the church organ once was, and to top it all off a crypt . . . yeah that's right a god dam crypt, not a function room they called a crypt I mean literally a crypt. Unfortunately it was not ready as the store owner was telling us of his Indiana Jones style adventures just breaking the massive lock trying to get in only to find someone had previously used it as a rubble dump when taking plaster of the walls. But hopefully when we return in the future we can go check it out. The guys at Sanctuary had never put on an infinity tournament before so all things considering it was pretty good. the tables were some of the best I have ever seen. One was used for the Batman game and was really really detailed. I didn't get a chance to have a go on it but it was very dense so i'm guessing peoples play style had to change dramatically. personally I like this at a tournament, it means you have to have a balanced list and cant just rely on one trick or unit to win every game.

Secondly a few words on the actual event . At 400 points I had a great time. Speaking to others that were at the event some were not as keen stating that its to easy to make lists as you can afford to bring along all the shiny toys, where as I think it makes it way harder as your enemy has loads in their arsenal. First game I played for instance a gentleman called Tim ( who came in at a close second ) who took the Squalos with heavy grenade launcher meaning he could hit me with speculative fire on a roll of a 9 pretty much anywhere on the board, two Bulleteer bots with spitfires and ODD, one total reaction bot with HMG, two Hexas one wielding a multi sniper AND A BLOODY SWISS GUARD! it was a close game in the end and I think he won 8 - 7 if I can remember correctly . Although to be fair I can imagine his frustration when after taking his first turn when the picture on the right was my order pool after he had shot at me a little. Seriously Ariadna take the piss in 400pts, I still had two commandos and Van Sant waiting to come on the table not adding to those orders..

Anyway enough of me rambling on and on. First off are a few pictures of the venue, I also included a few photos of just scenery to hype how good it was.


hopefully when the Infinity scene gets a little bigger in the area these guys might host some big events. I could easily see this place being used for a weekend tournament.

Oh you know, just a painting desk where a massive organ was once built into the building.
Lots of systems for grabs.

This table might be hard for some Infinity players to get around but I think its awesome and really hope to get a game on it next time around.

Lieutenant bloody obvious on the tallest roof prone.

I really should have clicked there was a TO unit on the tallest building on the table when this little pal bot was put up on the roof for no reason. A Hexa appeared and caused me no end of trouble for the entire three turns.
I fought this bad boy in the last game. Managed to take it out in the first turn. I was lucky enough for my USA grunt to pass his inferior infiltration roll, so I just ran him up and hit him with a heavy flamer to knock out his ODD. The rest was left to the tank hunter with his AP HMG to do the rest. It did however take about 13 orders. I am not that clued up on his stats but its a massive model so it simply had to go.
Pete's Wulver link team. Nasty business.

The wooden spoon award was a chocolate Santa

This was Tim. He came second, he needed to pass one WIP roll to beat my score for the top place and failed I three times in a row with his last three orders of the day. That's what you get for playing Pan Oceania I guess. I played him in the first round and it was a pretty good game so not butt hurt I lost to him, on top of that his painting was on point. He had the white Pan O in some of the previous pictures.

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