Friday, 29 January 2016

Weekend Warlords Loughborough.

Last weekend Pete and I did our usual and packed out bags and jumped on the oh so familiar M1 again to drive southwards for another ITS event. This time we were heading to the Weekend Warlords based down in Loughborough. As I did last time I visited new venue I shall do a quick few words on the store then get to the juicy bits. When I say juicy bits I don't mean some mad rumor about Tracy getting with the guy from marketing on the work do, what  I really mean more photos of toy soldiers and gaming tables.

First impressions were good as you would expect from any gaming venue really. Staff were nice the place had a lot going on and there was lots of systems to spend your hard earned pennies on. Weekend warlords seemed to have a large card game following. I didn't pay to much attention but there were a bunch of people playing games that I can only assume were either MTG and or Yugi-Oh. In fact one guy who was taking part in the Infinity games was walking around with a grin like the Cheshire cat as he had sold some MTG and made some serious money. Good for you mate. I do give massive props to the guys running the venue as they had a bunch of open books for customers to read and reference when playing games . . . you know like Games Workshop back in the day, but we shan't go into that one now.  6 things to note on this store that stuck out in my mind 1. They had lots to offer verity wise. They even had Jay and Silent Bob action figures. 2. They had awesome Pokemon coloring-ins that some of the younger regulars had done ( at least I assume they were done by the young-lings ). 3. The staff were really funny the guy on the till made me laugh a bunch of times. 4. They really didn't want you to Poo. 5. They had some wicked sick tables to play on. Some were not designed for Infinity and as such were not ideal but they looked the business. And finally 6. they had A really good painting set up. It was based at the front of the store and had lots of space and light coming in through the windows unlike my dungeon of a painting cave lit up with a Ikea light.

 Someone had some serious skills on the chalk board. Must have got loads of detentions from the art teacher or something.

And the all important Infinity games.

Right now to the good bit. Infinity. As standard there were lots of good players and painters. I don't completely know why but the Infinity scene seems to draw the attention of people who like to paint a lot. Probably because the minis are awesome and you rarely have to paint the same one 50 times over. It does sadden me though when I spend time on models then about 20 other people have done a way better job, but such is life. I was really impressed by some of the players as they had only just picked up the game before X mass. It did make me feel a little sad when I was having real issues dislodging a link team from my table quarter on my first turn in the first game and my opponent was like "oh yeah this game is good I got some models in December and played a few games so thought I would give it a go". . . CHEERS MATE I AM TRYING REALLY HARD HERE!

 I took my French again as I can't seem to put them down for the moment. I constantly have ideas for other lists and ways of getting things done but when it comes to sitting down with the army builder my fingers just seem to tap on Loup Garous over and over until I have  a big ol team of Link Garous. Anyone who has played me will know these guys are my favorite unit in the game. At some point I will do a break down of my list and why I think it does so well but not just yet as we still have the Northern open and I can't imagine it doing me any favors running my mouth of and revealing all my secrets just yet :)

As it happens I managed to win the day and grab myself another Le-Muet so I was a happy camper on the drive home. My first game was a bit slow for me to begin with We had to grab those precious table quarters and I could not get rid of this bloody big link of myrmidons who had ODD and just sat there bold as brass. Fortunately I had gone overboard with Chasseurs so figured it was well worth having him die to get rid of all that ODD for someone else to then shoot down.

Second game I played Pete. As if I have not done that enough over the past few months ( Pete starts work at 3pm and I have recently taken a break from working so we have been playing two times a week getting in three of four games ). We had practiced the same mission two days before and I had won but I put that down to the table set up. The game took aaaaages as he also plays Ariadna but went for his standard Scottish force that was busting out 20 orders. on top of my 18 orders we were lucky to get the game finished. I thought Pete was on the winning path but I had this Chasseur on a roof in the middle of the table. I had him drop mines right on the lip to go off as units walked passed.

Third game I played a Scottish force again! Not going to lie I was a right arse hole with my set up. Literally everything hid or went prone and I also managed to get my HVT in the worst place possible as I was setting up second. My opponent was using a big link fronted by William Wallace. I was terrified of it as I am easily scared so my HMG commando walked on in this 2 inch sweet spot and blasted away as best he could. he didn't last more than a few orders but it was enough to get the job done. Anyway enough of my mad ramblings check the pics and see for yourself!

"Are you my daddy?"

Big shout out to Tim Coates who put on the event. He was filling in as someone looked as if they were not going to make it. They then they turned up as he was placing his models on the table. Unlucky Tim.

Jasper got second place.

Luke came 3rd

Booyah 1st

Final results, I knew I was ahead in army points but didn't realize how much. I was going to rant on about how good baggage is but will save that for when I do  review on my force when the season finishes and Northern open is done.

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