Friday, 22 January 2016

D20 Mission system for Infinity.

So today I got to try out the D20 mission system for Infinity. For those who don't know what it is, its a fan made mission system designed by PROPHET_OF_DOOM over on Data sphere so go check the link now!


The idea is to add more verity and fluff to the Infinity universe and provided a competitive break from the ITS tournament pack. Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of ITS but after playing at least 3 games a week for the past 8 months I am in much need of something new other than YAMS. It works on the same principle of ITS in that every mission is scored out of 10pts with numerous secondary objectives depending on the mission being played. There is also a chart included for secondary objectives but we decided to go with the data cards to begin with so we didn't have to spend to much time flicking through the rules. I can honestly say it was a lot of fun. I think a big part of this is that Infinity is a very flexible game due to having its roots in role play. Most of the missions do not require you to take specialists and when they are included they normally just give a +3 bonus to WIP rolls. As we were completely new to these mission we decided to roll for the game then make our lists. First up we played "Upload evidence" 

Upload Evidence - 7

The soldiers have the opportunity to upload evidence of war crimes they have witnessed to O-12 
via a transmitter which is placed in the middle of the battlefield. 

Deployment: Place an objective marker or a piece of scenery as close to the centre point of the table as possible. The objective marker represents the transmitter. The objective marker must be accessible to be in base contact with models. The transmitter is considered to be indestructible.

Game Length: 3 Game Rounds.

Uploading Evidence: In order to upload evidence, models must get into base contact with the objective marker and use the Activate skill with a successful unmodified WIP roll. Hackers and 

Engineers get +3 to their WIP test. 

Every model can upload evidence only once. There is no limit to the number of attempts for each 

Players get 1 VP for every model that has uploaded evidence to the objective marker.When a lieutenant attempts to upload evidence, the player may reveal the lieutenant and receive 

2 VP instead of 1 if the lieutenant succeeds in uploading evidence. 

The maximum number of VPs to be earned by uploading evidence is 6.

As you can see you don't actually need to have specialists in this list its just a race to get as many You Tube videos uploaded as you can to show how bad the baddies really are. As we wanted to get a couple of games in I didn't get time to do a full report but here are some of the highlights and photos of the match

 My opponent Oliver was running his Steele Phalanx force in this game. Personally I am not a big fan of this faction as I normally play Ariadna and much prefer to have a million orders of crap than few orders of absolute badassery. As it happened I did take an Aquila guard in this game but still managed to squeeze in 14 orders by padding it out with line troops as best I could.

Oliver ran Achilles with his new profile to test him out and ran him right up to the data console first. What I thought was going to be a big mistake turned out to be a very lucky move for him. My total reaction HMG Sierra drone bot got two full bursts at him and smashed two wounds off him. He then moved and dodged again and went prone behind the objective and sat there contesting it the entire game stopping me from getting anywhere close at all. Little know to him he had accidentally locked down a Croc Man who was guarding the other objective marker . . . sad times. 

 I didn't do it to be a dick but in this list Oliver had all the ODD in the world. I wanted to use some models that were gathering dust so I ran a Bagh-mari, Neisses and Aquila giving me MSV 1,2 and 3. I was running my mouth off ( totally in a friendly way of obviously ) then he just threw down zero V smoke and burst 2 in ARO from his link team Making me feel rather small to be indeed:( 

 I never take my Orc hacker as personally I think he is rubbish! but the model is nice and this was a friendly game. As it happened an Ekodromoi Hacker dropped on the board, dispersed then tried to hack my remote to get his secret objective. Unlucky for him it had a repeater in it and my Orc managed to isolate him and negate him from spending any more orders that turn GREAT SUCCESS! 

 Decided to use my war cor model I got from for my HVT. Only fitting as the mission required us to upload footage of all those terrible war crimes.

 When I did finally manage to get my baggage bot into position he just got out shot by Achilles instantly. What a waste right.

 This ODD link team were the bane of my game. Zero V smoke casual as you like over the objective. Croc man could not react and all my MSV were worthless. He just sat there uploading videos and checking e-mails then just casually walked away. He did however fluff about 4 WIP rolls so that's something at least. probably forgot his password or something.

The game ended up being 7- 0 to Oliver. A serious stomping but no worries we had game 2 to try out after lunch.

Next mission we played was Teseum Run. This game worked a little in my favor. Basic over view, run up to some boxes and bring the loot home. I did take a baggage bot and that was a big help as they don't get slowed down by movement and can hold two lumps of Teseum at the same time

Teseum Run -14

Valuable shards of teseum are stored in crates. Opposing forces fight to bring them home.

Deployment: Two objective markers are being used to represent the tesseum stores. The players alternate placing 1 objective marker each before the Initiative roll. 

The 2 objective markers must be deployed  

  • Within 4 inches of the centre point of the table 
  • At least 4 inches away from each other. 
  • It must be possible for models to get into base to base contact with the objective markers. 

No mines may ever be deployed with an objective marker inside its trigger area. The objective markers are considered to be indestructible.

Game Length: 4 Game Rounds

Gathering Tesseum: In order to get a shard of tesseum, a model must be in base to base contact with an objective marker and perform the activate skill, passing a -3 WIP check.Engineers get a +3 modifier to their check. Once a tesseum shard is gathered, place a marker next to the model which searched the objective marker. Models with the baggage special rule receive 2 markers. 

A model in possession of tesseum may not go into camouflage mode. If a model carrying tesseum shards is in a null state, the marker stays on the board and can be picked up by any model using a single action. All models may only carry 1 tesseum shard at a time; models with the baggage special rule may carry 2. 

Bringing Teseum Home: A model with a tesseum shard marker moving into the own deployment zone automatically drops the marker, which is then removed from play. The player owning the model is awarded one Teseum Point. 

Victory conditions:

 At the end of the game, count the number of Teseum points every player scored in the course of the game. Compare the number of Teseum points the players earned with each other and VP are awarded as follows:

6 VP if a player has more than 2 Teseum Points and at least double the amount of Teseum points than the pponent. 

4 VP if a player has more Teseum Points than the opponent. 

3 VP if both players have the same number of Teseum Points.

2 VP if a player has less Teseum points than his opponent but at least 1 and the opponent does not have double or more the amount of Teseum points. 

1 VP if a player has at least one Teseum point and the opponent has double or more Teseum points.

When we rolled for the initiative and I decided to take the same table side simply for ease. Oliver set up first and went first pretty much in the same way as the last mission. However this game went a slightly different way.

 Setting up second was a god send as I spotted a cheeky 4 man link trying to sneak up the right hand side of the board so just plonked my Sierra bot facing them and that pretty much set the pace of the game. They moved and I pumped one shot into each. I won 3 rolls and the face to face rolls and the last was a miss on both sides. Oliver them failed 3 amour rolls, breaking the link. I managed to take down 3 orders with my first ARO . . . Nice.

 The previously mentioned broken link.

 This bloody link team did the same thing again. Zero v smoke and casually walked up to the Teseum boxes. However in this game you have to drag them back to base and are slowed down when you are carrying the precious loot. This meant that Oliver had to try and survive a turn by the boxes in order to spend the orders grabbing more Teseum as he knew my baggage bot would just run up and down all day taking back two loads at a time. It did a pretty good job to be fair as it also had an Egema on a roof on suppression covering them. Meaning I had to spend precious orders getting rid of it first.

 Not a single order was spent on these guys for the entire game in typical Infinity style.

 My Orc ran across the open ground and spent two orders shooting at one of his characters ( I forget what one now ) and blasted him from about 2 inches away with her shotgun. This cleared half the table and I managed to put her in a perfect position to cover one of the Teseum boxes allowing my Baggage bot to empty it out.

 In the last turn I revealed my spec sergeant who was hiding in contact with the objective. I wanted to do this in the first turn but the MK12 sniper was watching over him and I did not want to risk it.

And in the last turn my baggage bot made another delivery of two lumps of space coal winning me the game.


  1. The 20x20 missions are fun. One note, though - you can't split your Burst in ARO, so you shouldn't have whacked his entire link team from the jump.

  2. As the designer of 20x20, I am a bit confused. You seem to have used the 1st version of the system, but in your text, you sometimes refer to more recent changes. Please note that a lot has changed about those missions you have played. Version 2.8 is out.

    I really like your pictures and your vivid writing style. Also, as an Ariadna player, I love your models.

    1. I will make sure i have the most recent D20 next time. I just asked my mate to print it off at work so he might have gotten the older version! Awesome missions though we have started playing them if we don't have to practice for an ITS event.

  3. As the designer of 20x20, I am a bit confused. You seem to have used the 1st version of the system, but in your text, you sometimes refer to more recent changes. Please note that a lot has changed about those missions you have played. Version 2.8 is out.

    I really like your pictures and your vivid writing style. Also, as an Ariadna player, I love your models.