Monday, 4 May 2015

The Outpost Sheffield

Went to check out the outpost in Sheffield a few weeks back and snapped up a few pics of the place. I had been one time in the past over a year ago when they stayed open for 48 hours to celebrate the stores 1st birthday. Was pretty cool, managed to get a 6000pt+ game of fantasy in ( even though I have no idea how to play that game ). I thought I would go check out the infinity scene as I had not played a game in a week or so and was getting the itch to roll some d20s. The place is a great venue that has a lot of models for grabs from numerous systems and a lot of tables to play on. The infinity tables were lacking a little in scenery in comparison to what I am normally used to leaving some large firing lanes open, but it’s good to mix it up a little. I blame the Necrmunda players who took up the table that was dense with the Spartan games scenic range that looked awesome!. I’m not to bothered though as I managed to plonk a total reaction Hmg bot and a Swiss Guard also rocking a shiny Hmg on a roof who sprayed down some serious gunishment. The store had a large group of players with a few systems being played so would highly recommend a trip over on one of the gaming knights if anyone gets the chance.
They stock a large variety of paints and basing accessories if you need something none Citadel

Some sort of Pizza party every Tuesday by the looks of it.


Pass me the ball bro im open!

"RICO! . . .YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO . . . . ."

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