Sunday, 19 April 2015

recent events

Managed to get a few games in over the past few weeks and as such got a few pics of whats been going on with my forces, so though I would share them on this fine blog. really need to get my table finished to make it all look perfect but that takes time and I would rather be painting models. 

Never regarded scouts as much of a threat but this guy was a royal pain in the balls. he only got a few kills but completely dominated the centre of the table and I had very little room for movement when he was about.
My most recent Pan O Minis I have painted,.I let someone else use them to bump up some pts. Was a bad Idea as the Total reaction HMG made a complete mess of my Wildcats in the first turn.
I had to try and sneak into the enemy lines, while my opponent had to keep them clear. Every time I walked into what I thought was the safest area Some Heavy Infantry unit was waiting to chop me up. only so many times you can throw a mine on the floor as a reaction and survive.

First time I used my Hacker orc and he did bugger all. "Son I am disappoint"

these guys both got man of the match, the Orc with HMG saved 6 out of 7 amour saves and pummeld any enemy forces he could get his eyes on.
Wooden spoon award goes to these guys, the guy on the left seems to be confused and is still wearing a life jacket, and my Orc just pranced about doing nothing until he got shot in the back by a para commando, who to be fair fought hard to get into a good position to do so.
but shooting someone in the back is just un gentlemanly.

A couple of guys were having a refresher game for N3. Haqislam vs Morat. I’m not that clued up on either of these forces so not sure how many pts they were playing. I had to leave before the game was done so no idea who won.

 I got this mini from hassle free. Normally used as VIP for enemy’s to look at with secret objectives but was the civilian in this game, unfortunately for him we both had to make sure he was dead so was a loose loose situation in this game for the little guy.

 These two snipers set up for a face off, accept one is a coward, can you guess who?

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