Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Warzone in Birmingham.

Managed to get myself to the infinity War zone tournament in Birmingham a few weeks ago. Lots of good players and even more great forces to roll dice at. Shout out to the guys at Toatlly Crit who were in attendance, check the pod cast http://totallycrit.podbean.com/ . I somehow managed to win 4 out of 6 games using my Pan O that i barely use. I took two lists one with lots of Heavy infantry and one with 3 TO units and an AD commando so lots of sneaky sneaky business, I guess its the Nomadness coming out in me. The TO list performed way way better than the HI list and I am considering taking it again to the Northern Open next month ( just ignore this if you are attending that event ) if i don't get my arse in gear and paint up my Adriana force. I was running my mouth off at lunch on the first day blagging how Pan O smash it with lost of HI. some one was hyping the Yu Jing and I did not believe them . . . . until my last game of the weekend when I had to fight a 5 man link of Yu Jing HI. I literally threw everything at it for 3 turns and even managed to get an Aux bot up in there and get one glorious flame shot off hitting 4 of them but only managed to get rid of two models by the end game, but in my defense they had some fast moving flying doctor from Aleph zipping about backing them up. The second most scary units I had to face for the weekend were probably the 5 man link of Briscards with two heavy rocket launchers. Fortunately for me they had to move sharpish out their own deployment so my total reaction bot with HMG gave them a good pounding but not after taking a few massive shots back. Anywhoo check the pics below and keep an eye out for the next event it was well worth it much fun was had by all.

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