Sunday, 29 November 2015

Northern Open 21.11.2015

Took my new Ariadna force along to the most recent Infinity tournament in Leeds run by the night owls guys. Managed to come 8th on the table so pretty pleased I came in the top half and not really a competitive player. I did however manage to win two of three games and the game I lost was the third time I had played Luke and I had won the previous encounters against him at other events so I was not massivley but hurt about the loss. My tactics were on point  ( ish ) but it must have had something to do with the two intruders on a roof covered by smoke and also in suppression fire that made me loose. Taking a big hand full of ok units in camo is good but not when the enemy just decided to ignore your surprise shot and mimetism.

In my first game I played against Nigel king. I had also played him at two previous events and we were at one victory each so I challenged him of the internet to a grudge match in the first round. It was looking bleak to begin with. he was using his imperial service. im not that clued up on the units so all I can tell you is he had a Pheasant Rank agent with spit fire run to the middle of the table linked with 4 other dudes to grab the objective and drag it back to his lines. But little did he realise one of my camo markers was a tank hunter with AP HMG. it was quite order intensive but the tank hunter blasted away 4 guys into the unconscious state, this gave my Zouave the chance to pop out of cover and he was surrounded by the entire link on a small roof. Never used a Zouave before but he is worth every point considering he seems to have every weapon under the sun and can set up using mechanised deployment. In my excitement though He jumped down to the ground floor and pumped 8 dice from his machine pistol to make sure no one was getting up . . . then i instantly realised one of my secret objectives was to Coupe De Grace one of the guys.

Anyway enough of my rambling just check my photos of all the games that went down.

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