Saturday, 8 August 2015

New Ariadna force

So this force was going to be super-secret weapon to use for the Northern open but I think I was a little ambitious with how much I could get painted up with only giving myself a few weeks to get it all done . . . . also I dont play that much at the club due to work so its not like anyone would be suprised by it at all. I decided for this force I would take a break from the uniformed look. Having painted so many Nomad units red and brown then doing a Pan O force all blue and gold I decided that each model would be painted relatively unique. I had a lot of fun doing research of different camo types and looking at pics of modern weapons and equipment etc. I still have a bunch more stuff not painted so more pics will come in the following weeks. For the moment it’s all vanilla but I think I am going to gravitate towards The French sectorial as I really enjoyed painting the Loup Garu, especially the cape. I think the model looks awesome and considering they all have X-visors and cheap viral weapons they are a steal on pts. I also gave photo shop a try at the bottom, think I might do this more in future blogs.

The commando rifle was really easy to do, just painted black then then the paint was dry I took a scalpel to the edges and scrapped away gently to make it look as natural as I could. sometimes I think it’s a little dull but after watching a bunch military documentaries this is how most weapons look when in use on campaign.

I found painting Camo really enjoyable, I was surprised as I thought it was going to do my head in but as long as you can keep a relatively steady hand its much quicker and easier than feathering up all the nooks and folds in material garments. The stripe with a star on the rocket was put on to break up the large dull area of green . . . and was totally inspired by the GI Joe logo.

The Moblot looked a little drab with all the grey so I decided to give him vivid goggles to make the model jump out a little. The flag on the shoulder is from the French Guiana colonial flag. I fnid that tiny details make models stand out but I was getting bored of painting the standard French flag on shoulder pads.

Not much to say about this guy, Cheap specialist with an axe. I positioned the arm to make it look as if he was about to lob the axe at someone like a boomerang instead of chopping down a door. After all this game is heavily inspired on Anime so who’s to say it won’t come flying back after right?

It took me about three attempts to get this guy done right. I was struggling with his cape at first so had to strip it down a couple of times. I find feathering up quite easy but not over large open areas ( with lots of room for error ). I didn’t want the cape to completely dominate the model so gave him a nice bright visor to make it stand out. Definitely going to grab the box of these guys as the model was thoroughly enjoyable to paint up even though the face was a ball ache to get done.

Because a Croc man would for sure get snuck up on by a cheap ass line troop.

Resolution is a bit off but it was my first attempt. Going to use more backgrounds like this, they make the models look bad ass.

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