Friday, 16 October 2015

Beginners ( sort of ) intro tournament to Infinity.

Last week Pete from my local gaming club found a beginners tournament in Stourbridge at a gaming store located in the town center called Phoenix Games. So off Pete, Christian ( also from my local gaming club ) and I went early morning to check it out. The store was pretty sweet it had a lot of good tables and seemed to have a good scene with many people playing different systems with pretty friendly staff on hand, the shelves were a little bare in comparison to some other stores ( although in sure they will order anything in store for you ) I have visited and seemed to sway more towards board games but over all I would defiantly give it two thumbs up.

The premise of the tournament was you take a 150pt list then get paired up with someone else who was new to the game and all the matches would be 2v2 simple right? I made two lists both Merovingienne. One list has a small link of 3 Metros but was mainly a weak but versatile force one camo, one small link, one doctor, one Commando, one Aguacil hacker one MSV etc . . Basically a little bit of everything so show people how rules and equipment worked. The second list had 5 Loup Garou's to use a death star unit and smash anything it came across. Unfortunately though all the beginners that had signed up must have heard I was coming  and bailed on the event, so we decided to make it a team tournament of Leeds versus Stourbridge. We managed to take the win in the end but only by 2 victory points if I remember correctly. I won my first game, lost me second but not by much, my last game however I got completely murked, it was almost embarrassing. Ok it was completely embarrassing. The list I played was literally the starter units from the pan O set and that was it. I chose to go second. As a standard i took away 2 orders and denied any kills by hiding everything. on my first turn I shot down his Nisses sniper with my Loup Garou in full like so he got the nice extra +3 BS. I though to myself "hmm this will be easy" and god was I wrong. He had run his father knight and Orc half way up the board and put them in suppression fire. I jumped out at him in full link and got completely smashed. lost most of the team in one turn to AROs and the game was over in about 10 minutes! and I lost every victory point going with nothing left on the board accept a crappy baggage bot and 10pt line trooper but hey ho that's how it goes some times ( I blame the dice yeah ).

The event was well organised and %100 worth the time and effort. We all put on a fiver and everyone waled away with a model, the overall winner getting to choose first then so on going down the list. And for the record I totally came last but still managed to nab myself an engineer with tractor maul control device and a blister with weapons for conversions and I was pretty happy with that as it was the only thing not WYSIWYG in my force.
So thanks to James or Severian on Mayanet forums for putting on the event. There is a 300pt event on the 12th of December that we shall be re attending in the link below

That time a 12pt line trooper took out A Pan O tank.

This commando walked on behind me and completely destroyed my back lines.

Got this Nomad hacker all painted up for the event and all he did was hide behind this wall.

Managed to get my Chasseur up close for one flame attack on this big ball of badness and didn't take a single unit down.

Turn three reveal for some serious gunishment from Uxia.

This was the prize pool to share between the 6 of us. Thems some good pickins right there.

Had to throw this pic in. It completely sums up how marvelously middle class the whole town was :)

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